About Skaddle™

Skateboard+Paddle=Skaddle™. We have taken the sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the water (SUP) to the streets, boardwalks and bike paths. The Skaddle™ has been a great new way to get your Stoke for close to 3 years now. The Skaddle™ can also be used for the beginning skateboarder to help keep balance and help gain the confidence to ride. Lets go "SUP SK8"!


Our mission is to "Share the Stoke" of SUP SK8ing with people of all ages and abilities to help them get out on skateboards for fun AND fitness. Skaddling provides a full body workout or can be just a boardwalk cruise. Come join us in taking the Aloha Spirit to the streets!

Company Overview

The Skaddle™ came about after being introduced to the sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding in the San Diego bay area back in 2009. After that weekend we paddled the waters in Mexico along w/ river and lake SUPing as well. As a family we were all hooked to a new sport to get our Stoke. Being that we live in the desert the closest places to SUP are at least 45 minutes away. We naturally took the same principle of SUP to the streets on a longboard skateboard and began to SUP SK8. Immediatley we were able to get the same Stoke right outside our door. After prototyping many different designs we got the Skaddle™ to what it is today.

With our background in the custom automotive business we had the perfect place to fabricate and ulitimately come to a design that many people of all ages are using today. Skaddle™, LLC is comitted to providing a quality "Made in USA" product and "Sharing the Stoke" with others. The Skaddle™ design has a Patent Pending status and the name Skaddle™ is a Registed Trademark. We look forward to providing new designs and materials to continue to improve the ride of each custom built Skaddle™.


The Skaddle™ is a skateboard paddle made from aircraft aluminum tubing which allows a nice flex feel but rigid enough to not experience a loss of power on each paddle stroke.

Our proprietary design of the the Skaddle™ Ground Tip and the Skaddle™ Handles are molded and produced here in the USA. The Skaddle™ is designed so there is no indexing needed at anytime. Both Skaddle™ Handles are the same dimension (as is the Skaddle™ Ground Tip) to give a consistant feel and sure grip. Every paddle stroke feels the same as the last. "Doesn't matter where you grab it, Doesn't matter where you stab it"!

Our Patent Pending design of the Skaddle™ reduces the amount of pounding on the the body and joints to extend the Stoke of each ride.